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Reese Witherspoon recommends

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Stories to spark discussion and laughter, chosen by Reese's Book Club.

She's best known for starring roles in Legally Blonde, Wild and Walk the Line, but did you know Reese is also a bookworm just like you? Reese's Book Club started in 2017 to spread book joy.

'When I started this book club, my big idea was to connect with you all by shining a light on the stories I found meaningful—charming, hilarious, insightful, thrilling and diverse narratives from a female perspective. By sharing stories of other lives and immersing ourselves in other realities, I believe we can create more unity and empathy in the world,' said Reese.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular picks over the years.

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The Sanatorium

Discarded medical equipment litters the floor: surgical tools blistered with rust, broken bottles, jars, the scratched spine of an old invalid chair.


Two summers ago, my wife and I took our daughters to the zoo.

The Secrets We Kept

We typed a hundred words per minute and never missed a syllable.

Daisy Jones and The Six

Daisy Jones was born in 1951 and grew up in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California.

One Day in December

It’s a wonder everyone who uses public transport in winter doesn’t keel over and die of germ overload.

You Think It, I'll Say It

The journalist was born in 1964, which is to say she’s seventeen years younger than I am.

The Paper Palace

Things come from nowhere.