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Where podcasts, interviews, documentaries and books collide.

Events sparking public interest. Public interest fuelling investigative journalism. Investigative journalism feeding popular podcasts. Popular podcasts informing books. Books inspiring documentaries. Documentaries driving greater awareness… You probably get the picture. Stories and information this compelling will cross media boundaries to capture audience imaginations everywhere.

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ABR Fan Poll Winners Announced

Three Penguin Random House novels honoured among the Australian Book Review’s fan favourites.

Breaking the Shackles

Stories real and imagined about the moral cost of slavery, and its implications on humanity.

Summer Projects

Get active this holiday season with entertaining, educational, practical projects.

Bring the LOLs

Try to keep a straight face – we dare you.

Summer Lovin'

Treat yourself to a summer fling – of the novel kind, of course.

Understanding Us

Books that explain the myriad intricacies of what makes humans human.