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Financial favourites in audio

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Take charge of your financial future, one audiobook at a time.

Saving for a big-ticket item. Eliminating debt. Getting better at budgeting. Or perhaps starting an investment portfolio. Whatever your money goals look like there's an audiobook to help you get there.

Take the Zen path to prosperity and financial peace of mind with Ken Honda's Happy Money. For millennials hoping to hit money targets without skimping on brunch, Victoria Devine is your gal. FLY is the perfect handbook for every young person who wants to be armed with the financial knowledge and confidence to set themselves up for success from high school and beyond. Money School explains exactly how to build a passive income that will completely change your life. While Earn at Home Mum will give you the knowledge and confidence to make the leap to earn at home. And Mindful Money is ideal for those looking for new banking rituals and money mindsets or help growing passive income through shares and property. 

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