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Book clubs  •  15 July 2022


Atlas of the Heart book club questions

Atlas of the Heart should be your next book club pick. A guide to mapping meaningful connection, this book is compelling, enlightening and ripe with discussion points.

From the bestselling author Brené Brown comes this in-depth guide to understanding your emotions. Not only does the book lay out instructions for identifying and understanding emotions, but it also doubles as a map for navigating the tricky waters of human connection. Based on extensive research, this book provides the essential tools for unlocking the full courageous potential of your life.

Whether you’re reading the book with friends or family, or watching the Binge series, here are some questions to help you think more deeply about the lessons in Atlas of the Heart.

Discussion points and questions:

  • Did any of the explanations of specific emotions or experiences surprise you? If yes, what was surprising?
  • Did you come across any emotion or experience and think, “That’s what that feeling is called!” or “I know that experience”?
  • Are there any behaviours that you might work toward changing because of something you learned from Atlas of the Heart?
  • What resonated for you from the section on empathy misses?
  • Have you started paying attention to the difference between stress and overwhelm? If so, has it helped?
  • Since reading the book or watching the HBO Max special, have you had any experiences where you thought, “Wow, I know what that is now!” or “Wait—I know what’s happening and why”?


Learn more about the book to discover what all the hype is about. 

Atlas of the Heart Brené Brown

This major new work from the international bestselling author of Gifts of Imperfection and Dare to Lead examines the 87 emotions and experiences that define us, and provides a compelling framework to help us all become more emotionally fluent and connected.

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