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Book clubs  •  18 October 2022


Always Room for Christmas Pud book club questions

A special book to read with your book club this holiday season.

When presented with a Christmas pud after a large dinner, two guests must question their long-held and seemingly reasonable beliefs that they are too full and couldn’t fit in another bite.

Always Room for Christmas Pud is a classic tale that interrogates the thin moral line between a full tummy and a tummy with enough room for pud, making it a perfect book to discuss with your book club – no matter the time of year.

Discussion points and questions: 

  • Were you familiar with the concept of there being extra room in one’s stomach for pud? If so, did this book change your opinion of that concept? If not, what discoveries did you make while reading the book?
  • At one point in the book, one of the guests says to the host ‘Oh, you didn’t say there was custard’. Do you think this was a genuine reaction? If not, what do you think their underlying motive might have been?
  • The host laments that he made too much pud. Do you think this is true? Do you think his choice to make too much pud was, in fact, deliberate? Why?
  • The guests ultimately fail in their quest to tread the line between the right amount of pud and too much pud. What do you think the author is trying to convey with this narrative choice?
  • One of the guests has long hair and one of the guests has no hair at all. Discuss.


Interested? Learn more about the book.

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Always Room for Christmas Pud
If you’ve ever over-indulged on Christmas Day, this witty and nostalgic book is for you.
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