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Book clubs  •  25 March 2020


The Recovery of Rose Gold book club notes

Explore themes of obsession, reconciliation and revenge with your book club.

The Recovery of Rose Gold is a chilling novel about mother-daughter relationships, control and lies that is sure to give your reading group plenty to think about. Use the questions below to get the discussion started. 

Discussion points and questions:​

  • To what extent does the proverb ‘like mother, like daughter’ apply to Patty and Rose Gold? Discuss whether you believe the characters become more alike or more different over the course of the story.
  • Does the novel dismantle the idea that motherhood represents love and comfort? To what extent do Patty and Rose Gold’s actions and feelings allow the boundaries between affection, dependency and cruelty to become blurred?
  • Discuss the importance of physical appearances in the novel. How does Rose Gold’s relationship with her teeth evolve over the course of the story?  What do you think this change signifies, and did it alter your perception of Rose Gold?
  • What were your first impressions of Patty? What do you think drove her to act in the ways she did towards Rose Gold? How did her character develop throughout the novel – and did your opinion of her change?
  • Discuss the theme of imprisonment. To what extent can both Patty and Rose Gold be viewed as prisoners? 
  • Rose Gold emphasises the relationship between anger and strength. Do you believe her anger is a source of power, or a destructive force? Do you think Patty or Rose Gold ever have reconciliation in mind?
  • Consider the role of the home in the novel. Why do you think Rose Gold decided to buy a house that was so closely tied to her mother’s past?
  • How does the theme of revenge shape the narrative? Discuss whether you believe revenge can ever provide closure to Patty or Rose Gold.
  • Consider the male characters in the novel. What is the significance of their absence – or their presence? Do you think Patty or Rose Gold possess any traits that might be traditionally considered masculine?  
  • How does Rose Gold’s changing taste in films inform your understanding of her? Discuss how they reflect her thoughts and actions.

The Recovery of Rose Gold Stephanie Wrobel

A chilling exploration into obsession, reconciliation and revenge in 2021's must-read paperback

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