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Nick Fuller
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Dr Nick Fuller is a leading obesity researcher in Australia and has been running the clinical research program at the Boden Institute, Charles Perkins Centre in the University of Sydney for the past decade. He has helped thousands of people on their weight-loss and lifestyle journeys and investigated a broad range of topics including dietary and exercise programs, appetite hormones, commercial programs, complementary and conventional medicines, medical devices, and weight-loss surgery. He completed his doctorate on the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of different obesity weight-loss treatments, and has degrees in exercise physiology and nutrition and dietetics. He is also the author of the bestselling Interval Weight Loss and Interval Weight Loss for Life. For more information visit: www.drnickfuller.com.

Books by Nick Fuller

Interval Weight Loss for Women

Bestselling author Dr Nick Fuller's guide to Interval Weight Loss for women.

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Interval Weight Loss for Life

Following the success of his bestselling book, Interval Weight Loss, Dr Nick Fuller is back with more practical advice to help you lose weight using his research-based approach.

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Interval Weight Loss

Trick your body into losing weight using this simple, scientific method

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