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Article  •  25 May 2022


7 of the best chapter books for ages 6-9

Seven amazing chapter books for children ages 6-9.

Is your kid ready to take their reading to the next level? Introduce them to these seven amazing chapter books. These beginner-level books by much-loved Australian authors will have your kids hooked from page one.


Willa and Woof  by Jacqueline Harvey, coming 5 July 2022

Dog lovers rejoice! This humorous, heartfelt series follows eight-year-old Willa and her best four-legged friend, Woof. Follow the dynamic duo in their shenanigans as they find ways to fix their mistakes, and make do when things (inevitably) go wrong. Though there is only one book in the series so far, the second is set for publication in October, making this an exciting series for your young ones to follow.


Chippy Chasers by Sam Cotton, coming 30 August 2022

Seagull mates Stacey and Stanley are fed up with watching from the sidelines while humans snack on as many hot salty chippies as they want. Whenever they want a chippie, they have scab for scraps, and it’s just not fair. Together with chippy thief SteveO, the birds conceive a plot to steal a whole parcel of chippies. But first, they have to face a thug with a broom, and help the World’s Best Chippy Chaser overcome his dark past. Will they pull it off?


What Zola Did by Melina Marchetta

This charming series from award-winning author Melina Marchetta follows an adventurous young girl. With a different book for every day of the week, young readers can follow along with Zola’s escapades on Boomerang Street. Whether it’s helping Nonna knit a scarf or painting a boat with her cousin, this beautfiul series is sure to delight. 


The Besties Make a Splash by Felice Arena

From the author of the Sporty Kids books comes this beloved beginner-reader series all about kids being kids. Infused with fun and imagination, the books centre around the memorable moments of childhood. The Besties Make a Splash is perfect for kids who love the beach, as it follows BFFs Oliver and Ruby as they hang out with their mates at the beach, wade in the rockpools, and – of course – eat ice cream.  


The Listies’ Teleportaloo by Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly

This gloriously silly story features The Listies, Matt and Rich, as they set off on an adventure to save the world. Join the duo as they discover their nan’s evil NANASIS, her teleporting portaloo, and hurtle through interdimensional plumbing time on this whacky escapade.


Little Gem by Anna Zobel

When Gem’s spell at Witchcraft School goes wrong, she finds herself in an empty cottage, outside a strange, colourful town. Luckily for Ellsworth Pining, she arrived just in time! Mistaking Gem as the new village witch, they seek her help. The Weather Worker is missing, and there are whispers of a terrifying beast in the woods. Gemma might be able to help – but can she get the spell right?


League of Llamas by Aleesah Darlison

This series of four books follows a troupe of secret agent llamas on a mission to save the world. Full of llama puns, karate moves, and an action-packed plotline to defeat their sworn enemy, badger General Bottomburp, this ludicrous story is always a fast favourite. 

Featured Titles

Willa and Woof 1: Mimi is Missing
Adventure, imagination and loads of fun.
Read more
Chippy Chasers: Chippy Jackpot
Who loves a delicious, hot, salty chippy? Seagull mates Steve-O, Stanley and Stacey do . . . A hilarious graphic novel for readers aged 6+ from actor, animator and Tiktok sensation Sam Cotton.
Read more
What Zola Did on Monday
From the author of Looking for Alibrandi comes this gorgeous series to engage and entertain newly independent young readers.
Read more
The Besties Make a Splash
From the author and illustrator of the popular Sporty Kids books comes an exciting new beginner-reader series that celebrates the everyday adventures – at school, at home, in the backyard, even in the living room! A funny, sweet series about kids being kids, where imagination and play rule!
Read more
The Listies' Teleportaloo
This fantastic new series from two of Australia’s favourite comedy performers is 100% fun and gloriously silly. Filled with funny illustrations and featuring The Listies, Matt and Rich, as they appear in their shows and performances, this is an extravaganza of silly science fiction, toot-a-riffic toilet humour and slapstick.
Read more
Little Gem
An adorable and charming new children's series that is a sparkling gem of a read for anyone who loves Polly and Buster or Mummy Fairy and Me!
Read more
League of Llamas 1: The Golden Llama
Forget finding the elusive Fortnite llama or taming your Minecraft llama – 2020 is the year of the League of Llamas!
Read more

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