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About the book
  • Published: 3 March 2020
  • ISBN: 9781760894160
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $9.99

League of Llamas 1: The Golden Llama

Forget finding the elusive Fortnite llama or taming your Minecraft llama – 2020 is the year of the League of Llamas!

The League of Llamas (LOL) are a group of secret llama agents and they’re on a mission to save the world – if only Agent 0011 Phillipe Llamar could stop looking in the mirror at his luxurious fringe and Agent 0013 Lloyd Llamanator could resist the temptation to eat everything in his path! There’s also the thieving General Bottomburp to contend with and a mysterious lady llama in red.

Can Phillipe and Lloyd foil the evil plans of Bottomburp and his badger henchmen? The fate of the Llama Republic’s most prized relic, the Golden Llama, depends on it!

  • Pub date: 3 March 2020
  • ISBN: 9781760894160
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $9.99

About the Authors

Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison is an internationally published, award-winning author. She has written over fifty books for children including picture books, chapter books, novels and series. Aleesah has won or been shortlisted for numerous awards including the Environment Award for Children’s Literature, the CBCA Eve Pownall Award and the Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards. Many of Aleesah’s books champion the cause of animals, the environment, and child self-empowerment. Her titles include the League of Llamas series, the Unicorn Riders series, the Netball Gems series, the Little Witch series, Ash Rover: Keeper of the Phoenix, Awesome Animal Stories for Kids, Warambi, Puggle’s Problem, Our Class Tiger, Stripes in the Forest: The Story of the Last Wild Thylacine and Emerald: The Green Turtle’s Tale.

Simon Greiner

Simon Greiner is an illustrator who lives in Sydney, Australia, with his beautiful wife and two boys. His work has appeared all over the place, including the front cover of the New Yorker magazine, as well as the kids’ book Regal Beagle.

Praise for League of Llamas 1: The Golden Llama

“Short chapters, large font, snappy one-liners, a ton of animal puns and fun line illustrations keep the action-charged stories moving along.”

Julie Murphy, Reading Time

“If you’re looking for a fun and funny chapter book to share with your kids, or for them to try on their own, definitely check out this cool new series.”

Shaye Wardrop, Kids' Book Review

“Aleesah’s new series is bound to be a hit with junior/middle primary readers with galloping (I’m not sure llamas actually gallop but still…) plots, high octane humour and loads of adventure.”

Sue Warren, Just So Stories

“Fast-paced with loads of action and humour.”

Sue Mauger, Glam Adelaide

“There is so much in these books to enjoy . . . They are so clever and so much fun, I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Norah Colvin, readilearn

“The League of Llamas books are packed full of interesting and wonderfully flawed characters. There are amusing spy references throughout the books that are sure to keep parents engaged, and so many llama and other animal puns, that kids will be howling with laughter.”

Dianne Bates, Buzz Words

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