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Activity  •  23 November 2023


Say ‘happy holidays’ with this printable Ranger’s Apprentice card

Print and customise this Ranger’s Apprentice holiday card to share with your loved ones this year.

Want to spread the holiday cheer? This Ranger’s Apprentice holiday card will do the trick!

Simply print the card, fill in your details and send it to anyone who might appreciate some warm wishes – with some ranger flair.

Printable Ranger's Apprentice holiday card

To print: 

  • Save the card to your desktop by clicking and dragging it to the desktop, or right click+'Save As. . .' (choose Desktop as location).
  • Open the saved image. 
  • In the menu bar, click File (or the three dots) and Print
  • Select printer and printer settings. 
  • Print and customise! 


  • To print the card postcard sized, we recommend printing on an A6 cardstock.
  • To customise your card further, add some colour with crayons, coloured pencils or watercolour paints.
  • Write a special message on the back of your card with warm wishes for the holiday season ahead.


Getting in the holiday spirit? Try re-creating Jenny's famous mince pies!

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