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Q&A  •  23 February 2023


Danielle Brown reveals why she first turned to a plant-based diet

We chatted to social media sensation Danielle Brown ahead of the release of her much anticipated all-vegan cookbook, HealthyGirl Kitchen.

When did you first adopt a plant-based diet and why?

I first adopted a plant-based diet as a freshman in college. I honestly thought vegans were weird, I couldn't imagine meals without meat, fish, dairy AND eggs. I had heard about the health benefits and decided to go for it. Keep in mind I was in a dorm room at the time with very limited resources. I would microwave sweet potatoes in my room, I kept a big fruit bowl on my desk and I made the salad bar in the dining hall my best friend. After 4 months of eating a plant-based diet, I had lost 20 pounds, my chronic heartburn went away, my skin cleared up, I had more energy than ever before. I first adopted a plant-based diet for health reasons but now it's all encompassing: it's for my health, saving the animals and it's more sustainable for the environment. 

What benefits have you seen from changing your diet?

Eating a plant-based diet keeps my gut healthy, my digestion is great, I am able to maintain a healthy weight, my hormones are balanced, and my skin is clear.

What inspired you to start sharing these recipes online?

I made it my mission to help others and show them how incredible they can feel if they switch to eating plant-based meals. I wanted to create the resources that I wish I had when I first adopted this lifestyle. I now share healthy EASY plant-based recipes with millions of people on social media and I teach them the secrets to making vegan meals that not only make you feel amazing but taste out of this world delicious too. 

You’re a bit of a social media sensation, were you surprised by how quickly HealthyGirl Kitchen took off?

The initial growth was slow and steady, but I was never focused on followers, I was just focused on providing free, valuable content to my audience. Once I started my life-changing salad series, my followers grew exponentially within a very short time frame. I couldn't believe and still can't comprehend that 7M people are in the HealthyGirl Kitchen community. 

What can we expect from your book when it’s published?

This is a cookbook you will actually use and keep on the counter at all times. The recipes are so beyond easy. Don't get me wrong, I love food and cooking, but I don't have time to spend all day slaving away in the kitchen. Every recipe and meal idea in the book is healthy, nourishing, and tastes amazing. You won't even realize they are 100% plant-based.

HealthyGirl Kitchen is available for pre-order now. 

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