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Q&A  •  13 April 2021


Josephine Moon Q&A

The Jam Queens author on the joy of writing foodie fiction.

Your protagonists are often passionate about food, whether it's baking, chocolate tempering, or jam-making! Why do you love to write about characters who cook?
Firstly, it has to be said, why wouldn't I want to write about food? Think of all the eating research that must be done! 🙂

As a food lover myself, I am fascinated by the process of taking a raw ingredient (such as cacao) and turning it into something that is loved the world over (such as chocolate). I call myself a 'method writer' in that I need to be able to experience how my characters are interacting with the food, so I'll always learn how to make the foods they're making in order to write authentically about the process. Food is something that is common to us all and it's a wonderful portal into characters' memories and life experiences. For me, the food becomes a real touchstone of my story arcs. Whenever I lose my way, I bring myself back to the food and how it connects characters and drives the plot. I want to write about beautiful things in the world (particularly as a way to balance out any otherwise painful aspects of a story) as much as possible and that includes a mountain of wonderful food and characters.

What do you hope readers will take from your new book, The Jam Queens?
I hope the book encourages readers to embrace the opportunities to travel Australia and see our amazing land. More than that, though, I hope The Jam Queens leaves readers with a full heart and hope for our divided world, with renewed optimism and belief that we can all start over again, at any age, and find our happily ever afters, new beginnings and second chances. 

It is a story that champions the strong and enduring bonds between generations of women: mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces and lifelong friendships. Its timely release means it's a wonderful Mother's Day gift idea, as it is for any woman in your life you want to celebrate.

The Jam Queens Josephine Moon

The heartwarming new family drama from the bestselling author of The Cake Maker's Wish

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