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Q&A  •  5 November 2020


Sue Brierley Q&A

The Lioness author shares a message of love, determination and hope.

What was it like reliving the joyful and difficult times in your life in the process of writing the book?     
I found the writing very difficult at times, I was certainly getting the skeletons out of the closet, and I feel I developed a level of post-traumatic stress during the telling (writing). 

What do you hope readers will take away from your memoir?     
I trust it will be a message of love, and enable my readers to leave their past behind and freely live life in the now, striving to make it special.

What advice would you give your younger self?       
Think deeply about the decisions you make to ensure the best outcomes in your future.

How did John, Saroo and Mantosh respond when they read the book?      
Mannie was quite overcome by my story, he did not know about my early years so he was apologetic about the difficult times we had endured. Saroo is proud of my effort and surprised at the detail of my memory.

Did the media attention surrounding Saroo’s story and the huge interest in the subsequent book and film surprise you?     
I was not surprised as his story is a real life modern miracle (finding his first family) – it certainly could not be kept in a box.

What was it like to have Nicole Kidman play you in major motion picture Lion? 

You knew you wanted to adopt children from a young age, what kept you going during the long process?    
I always believed I would succeed in fulfilling my dream. I am a patient and determined person in all areas of my life. Time is not my enemy.

What would you say to other parents hoping to adopt?    
Once you have made the decision you should be proud, but you will have to be strong to succeed in your commitment. 

Lioness Sue Brierley

A powerful and moving account of adopting the boy who inspired the motion picture LION.

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