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  • Published: 5 July 2022
  • ISBN: 9781761042645
  • Imprint: Viking
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 248
  • RRP: $39.99

The Family Meal Solution

A flexible and achievable approach to feeding your family each week, from One Handed Cooks

Discover a new way to feed everyone that’s designed for real, busy family lives.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel organised and inspired about the week’s meals?

Imagine a world where you're confident that family members big and small are getting the nourishment they need every day — all while not breaking the bank.

Meet The One Handed Cooks: Your Culinary Saviours!

In their new meal-planning guide, Allie, Jess and Sarah share the thoroughly tested system and recipes that keep them feeling in control in their own busy lives and kitchens.

There are 85 recipes, including six chapters dedicated to time-efficient dinners—with snacks, salads, and desserts covered, too.

What's Inside? Here's What You'll Get:

*Time-Saving Meal Plans: From slow-cooking to quick fixes
*Versatile Dishes: Meals that can be served in multiple ways
*Family Favourites: Dinner winners and delicious desserts
*Effortless Prep: From premixes to make-in-a-minute marinades
*Healthy Choices: Snacks and salads that satisfy
*Practical Tips: Making the most of leftovers and batch cooking
*Expert Advice: Behavioural and nutritional guidance
*Allergy-Friendly: Ingredient swaps for common allergies

A Flexible & Time-Efficient Approach

This is a system that's built on flexibility and the clever use of short pockets of time. Say goodbye to radical overhauls, strict meal plans, and hours of meal prepping every Sunday when you'd rather be doing anything else.

Not Just Recipes — But Life Skills!

Try these incremental and sustainable habit changes, and you'll notice a big difference. The secrets lie in making the most of the freezer and slow cooker, prepping multiple meals during your time in the kitchen, being clever with leftovers, and embracing fast meals.

BONUS: Expert Nutritional Advice

And it wouldn't be a One Handed Cooks cookbook without their brilliant behavioural and nutritional advice to help you navigate your kids' developmental challenges around food, and the ingredient swaps to cater to all the common allergies and intolerances.

That's the meals for this week sorted — and the rest!

  • Published: 5 July 2022
  • ISBN: 9781761042645
  • Imprint: Viking
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 248
  • RRP: $39.99

About the authors

Allie Gaunt

Formerly a professional nanny and advertising copywriter, Allie, now a mum of three gorgeous children, is the creator and co-director of the hugely successful One Handed Cooks blog. When her first child, Harry, started solids in 2012 she found herself preparing food with a baby on one hip and was keen to connect with other parents and share her positive experiences. Allie is passionate about feeding children nutritious, homemade food and making mealtimes happy, and she has inspired families around the world to make positive, healthy changes for their children.

Jessica Beaton

Jessica is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a passion for starting solids and inspiring families to enjoy happy mealtimes and a healthy love of food. She is a co-director of One Handed Cooks, a keen cook and combines her personal journey as a mum of four fun-loving boys with twenty years of evidence-based training and experience as a dietitian to simplify the science and educate parents in a friendly and practical way. Since joining One Handed Cooks in 2012 Jessica has undergone further training in ‘Picky Eaters vs Problem Feeders: The Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding’ and ‘Making SENSE of Mealtimes’.

Awards & recognition

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Shortlisted  •  2023  •  Social Media & Family categories

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