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Fifty years since The Godfather, we’ve assembled some of the world’s greatest mafia stories.

Blood, as they say, is thicker than water. And when criminality courses through the veins of an entire family, powerful organisations emerge, striking fear into their competitors, law enforcement and the wider community. In 1969, Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather introduced the world to the terrifying inner-workings of the Corleone crime family. To celebrate the 50th birthday of this towering classic, we’ve brought together a collection of chilling mob stories where loyalty is a bond broken only by death. Bada-bing!

  • The classic mafia tale, reissued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of first publication.

  • From Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wiseguy – the No. 1 bestseller that became Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning film Goodfellas – comes the classic true story of love, marriage, adultery, murder and revenge in Las Vegas…Mafia-style.

  • The first novel in Ellroy's extraordinary Underworld USA Trilogy

  • From a National Book Award-winning biographer, the first complete life of legendary gangster Al Capone to be produced with the cooperation of his family, who provided the author with exclusive access to personal testimony and archival documents.

  • 'The Last Don is a return to the pure mythic storytelling form that made The Godfather one of the bestselling novels ever' Sunday Times

  • The sequel to Puzo's epic and brutal Mafia classic The Godfather, once again Puzo brings the history of the Corleone family to life.

  • The shocking true story of the most ruthless and deadly mob boss in the annals of the American Mafia.

  • The story of the rise and fall of the Sicilian Mafia

  • This True Crime classic is the stand-out blockbuster account of the rise of the most effective criminal body in the world.

  • The revealing true story of John Gotti; the most powerful mobster since Al Capone

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