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Look up. A world of feathery wonder awaits.

Egg-laying, feathered, toothless and beaked – from tiny weebills to enormous ostriches, Australia’s 830-odd species of birds encapsulate wondrous diversity. Some colourful, some songful, some worshipped, some loathed, they touch our lives in ways minuscule and profound.

Amid what sometimes feels like a perpetual bad-news cycle, we were buoyed to hear of the resurgence of the colourful Gouldian Finch in northern Australia. And, even if we're not able to jet it interstate right now, wherever you are in Australia there's plenty of vibrant birdlife in your neighbourhood. So get twitching. Whether you’re an ardent ‘birder’, or just feather-friendly, here are some books about avian life.

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