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Book Clubs  •  17 January 2020


The Lost Love Song Book Club Notes

This is the story of a love song... And like any good love song, it has two parts.

Put some music on, prepare some delicious snacks and gather your reading group to chat about The Lost Love Song. This bewitching novel is about love, second chances and the power of music, from the author of the critically acclaimed, bestselling Star-crossed.

Discussion points and questions:


  • Early in this book, there is a tragedy. Did this surprise you, or did you see it coming? When it happened, how did you feel?
  • What did you make of the relationship between Arie and Belinda? Does Belinda have unreasonable expectations of Arie, or does he have unreasonable expectations of himself?
  • Is Evie more perfect for Arie than Diana? Why, or why not?
  • While Diana expresses herself through music, Evie expresses herself through a different art form altogether. Did you enjoy her poems?
  • Is Evie right to leave Melbourne without telling Arie where she’s going? Or is that a mistake?
  • The interludes in The Lost Love Song tell of a range of different types of love, including the love between a father and his teenage daughter, first love, love between brothers, and love on the cusp of a lifetime commitment. Which of the interlude sections meant the most to you?
  • Felix and Beatrix’s story is one of powerful first love. Did you experience a first love like theirs?
  • Do certain songs take you back to particular moments in your life? If so, which songs, and which moments? Do you and your partner (if you have one) have a song that you consider to be ‘your song’? What is it, and do you think it means the same thing to each of you?
  • The song at the heart of this story travels long distances to find its way home. Do you think the song has a mind of its own?
  • What do you imagine will happen next for the characters in The Lost Love Song?

The Lost Love Song Minnie Darke

The Lost Love Song is a bewitching novel about love, second chances and the power of music, from the author of the critically acclaimed, bestselling Star-crossed . . .

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