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Tobie Puttock
Photo Credit: Guy Lavoipierre

Tobie Puttock

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Tobie Puttock's love affair with Italian food began when he was working in Melbourne's acclaimed Caffe e Cucina. The passion flourished as he cheffed his way across Europe, working eighteen-hour days in Italian-speaking kitchens, taking time out for snowboarding excursions and the odd very long lunch in a mountainside trattoria. In London, Tobie worked at the River Cafe, widely regarded as that city's best Italian restaurant, alongside a bevy of high-profile chefs, including Jamie Oliver. He moved back to Melbourne, once again to an Italian kitchen, this time a place called Termini.

Tobie was the first Head Chef of the restaurant Fifteen in London and, in 2006, he opened a Fifteen restaurant in Melbourne, specialising in Italian food made with the best produce available and prepared with care, imagination and plenty of heart. Tobie oversaw the training program for employing and mentoring disadvantaged kids to become industry professionals.

More recently, Tobie has turned his focus to some projects that are not restaurant-related, including the VideoCook series of ebooks, which use digital technology to reinterpret the traditional cookbook. Tobie is also writing a cookbook based on the balanced diet he and his wife Georgia eat at home. As well as writing, Tobie has a food range in the works, based on his classical Italian training, and, finally, he has utobia, his own little corner of YouTube.

Tobie is the author of Daily Italian, Cook Like An Italian and Italian Local.

Books by Tobie Puttock


A beautiful collection of 100 simple, flavour-filled dishes that vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians will love.

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The Chef Gets Healthy

What happens when an acclaimed Australian chef is asked to ditch his favourite fat-laden ingredients, forgo many of the rich Italian dishes he has spent 20 years perfecting, and remove gluten from his recipes? Well, because it's Georgia, the love of his life who's asking, he puts his heart and soul into changing the way they eat. 

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Italian Local

Italian Local celebrates the joys of Italian cooking and local produce. Tobie Puttock gathers together 100 of his favourite Italian-inspired recipes, and shows us how to achieve authentic Italian flavours wherever we live.

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