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Shannah Kennedy
Photo Credit: Susan Bradfield

Shannah Kennedy

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Ten successful years in the corporate world – two in the Money Market and eight in high-level sports management and sponsorship – made Shannah Kennedy the very definition of a high achiever.

Shannah worked with more than 100 world-class athletes through her management, PR and sponsorship roles, flitting around the globe, in a 24/7 role that never slowed down. Outside of work, Shannah juggled fitness, finances, friends and relationships with her demanding career.

And then, her body delivered a devastating reminder that she needed time to 'breathe' – that she was not a machine. Ten years on, Shannah is an Advanced Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. Her ability to directly empathise with high achievers has Shannah in constant demand with entrepreneurs, executives, managers, celebrities and professional athletes.

As a professional coach and author, successful business owner and sought-after corporate speaker, as well as a wife, mother, runner, investor and hobby creator, Shannah has mastered the art of balance. She offers her clients, and now her readers, an opportunity to achieve simplicity, structure and success in life.

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