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Article  •  27 December 2023


3 unexpected tips for elevating your life

Advice from Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander that will help you kick-start change.

Bettering yourself isn’t easy.

While you might know that you want to improve, it can be difficult to decipher where the journey begins. 

To get some self-improvement tips that actually help, we turned to Elevate

Written by life coach Shannah Kennedy and former Sportsgirl CEO Colleen Callander, this book lays out a master plan for success – regardless of which areas of life you hope to elevate.

With refreshing, new perspectives, the advice outlined by these two experts on success will set you up to achieve your life goals, while staying true to yourself and avoiding burnout.

Read on for three unique tips from the book, and get ready to watch yourself transform.

Focus on your strengths

Does the idea of bettering yourself immediately call to mind all the areas of life where you aren’t excelling? 

If so, Kennedy and Callander suggest that you might need to re-frame your thinking.

It's only natural for us to want to improve the less-than-great aspects of our lives, but paying too much attention to our weaknesses can be a disservice to ourselves. ‘Spending too much time focusing on our weaknesses can be demotivating and lead to low performance,’ reads a line from Elevate. ‘In contrast to your strengths, your weaknesses drain you and can leave you feeling uninspired, depleted and tired – a great reason to avoid these wherever possible and not waste time on them.’

Instead, the authors suggest focusing on character strengths. By understanding your strengths, you can more easily understand your value and level up more quickly than you would by trying to improve a weakness. In fact, ‘Gallup research found that people who use their strengths are up to six times more engaged in what they are doing and at least 10 per cent more productive.’

What better reason to go easy on yourself? Instead of being self-critical for your perceived shortcomings take a moment to appreciate and celebrate your unique strengths that make you shine. 

Cultivate kindness

Not every leadership book mentions kindness, but Kennedy and Callander insist that it's an essential pillar of self-improvement and positive leadership. ‘We believe that kindness is the new leadership superpower – it’s a new and powerful form of currency that can enhance high performance, trust, loyalty and commitment.’

If you think that kindness means that others will take advantage of you, think again. Leading with kindness requires courage and vulnerability, as a kind leader is one who truly cares about others. It doesn’t mean total eradication of rules and boundaries but rather practising integrity, gratitude and humility in everything you do.

Invest in self-care

When you embark on a journey of growth, it can be easy to forget about the basics. However, Elevate explains that even the most simple things can have a significant impact on your life. Before you embark on any other drastic measures, it’s important to first asses these key areas; improvement might be easier than you realise!

  • Food: All bodies are different, so figure out what works for you, then do what you can to support it. Whether it means prepping organic meals in advance or adding extra protein to your diet, small adjustments can make a huge difference. Food is fuel, so make sure to fuel yourself for maximum performance. 
  • Movement: Working out is about so much more than a lean appearance. Not only does regular movement reduce the risk of certain diseases but it also improves your sleep, reduces stress and provides the perfect break from everyday responsibilities. Find a workout you like and figure out how to stick with it. 
  • Sleep: No, it’s not glamorous, but don’t underestimate the importance of sleep! Good sleep benefits you in a myriad of ways: better cognitive function, better focus, improved decision-making, better mood, and more energy. Yet, when we strive for improvement, sleep can sometimes be the first area we sacrifice in the name of ‘doing more.’ Don’t make this mistake! 


Want more? Read a Q&A with the authors, here

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