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Sarah Wright Olsen
Photo Credit: © Gemma Pranita

Sarah Wright Olsen

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Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen are the founders of the internationally popular blog Your Zen Mama, an online destination for parents that offers open, reassuring and inspiring advice on every step of the parenting journey.

Sarah is a mother of two, Esmé and Wyatt. An actor living in Los Angeles, Sarah has starred in many TV shows and movies including Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, The House Bunny and opposite Tom Cruise in American Made. She is currently working on a show for Netflix called Spinning Out. Sarah is also the co-owner of a plant-based organic mummy/baby skincare line, baeo.

Books by Sarah Wright Olsen

Zen Mamas

The founders of the popular blog Your Zen Mama share their experiences and tips on becoming a mother – while trying to stay Zen! – in this practical and beautiful book.

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