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Lisa Ireland
Photo Credit: Nikita Cherry

Lisa Ireland

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After working for many years as a teacher (and a brief stint as a professional organiser – before Marie Kondo made it cool), Lisa Ireland is now a full-time writer.

Lisa lives with her husband in a small town in Gippsland, Victoria. When not writing, she spends her days mentoring aspiring authors, drinking coffee, and playing minion to her incredibly spoiled dog, Lulu.

Lisa's seventh novel, The One and Only Dolly Jamieson, was published in 2023.

Books by Lisa Ireland

The Studio Girls

The Studio Girls is a sumptuous, nostalgic journey back to the glamorous Golden Age of cinema and the intoxicating world of Tinsel Town, where nothing is quite what it seems . . .

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The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan
Inspired by true events, follow 79-year-old Shirley's heartwarming final adventure with her husband.
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Celebrating Mother's Day with Lisa Ireland

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with Lisa Ireland! To purchase a copy of The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan, please go to this link https://www.penguin.com.au/books/the-secret-life-of-shirley-sullivan-9781760895594 Lisa Ireland is an Australian bestselling author, who lives on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula with her husband and three (big) boys. She loves eating but not cooking, is an Olympic class procrastinator and (most importantly) minion to a rather large dog. The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan is her sixth novel.

Antique love

How the discovery of a box of love letters inspired Lisa Ireland to write The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan.

The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan book club notes

Cut loose like an octogenarian with Lisa Ireland’s heart-warming romp.