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Article  •  20 September 2022


Three (very) different Patterson novels to tear through this spring

New books that James Patterson fans will love.

James Patterson has written so many books at this point that it’s hard to pin him down as any ‘type’ of author.

But while writing across genres and subject matters, one thing remains consistent. His books are page-turners.

Luckily for his fans, there are plenty of new Patterson picks, with three new novels added to his repertoire in the last month. Though each of these recent books differs greatly in plot, all are binge-worthy books that will have you reading late into the night.

The Ninth Month book cover.

The Ninth Month


For fans of: The Midwife Murders

What reviewers are saying: ‘This book was such a suspenseful, quick read for me. I loved the short chapters which really made for a page-turning and fast-paced story. I devoured this one about a pregnant woman who has a lot going on in her life and isn't sure she can trust her instincts about being followed. I didn't see the ending coming and was very satisfied with how everything came together.’ – Heidi

About the book: Emily Atkinson has it all – until her partying lands her in the hospital. While there, she gets a double diagnosis: she parties too much, and she’s pregnant. By befriending another pregnant woman, Betsy, Emily starts to turn her life around. When a series of pregnant women go missing, however, Emily’s pregnancy becomes decidedly high-risk.


Blowback book cover.



For fans of: The President’s Daughter

What reviewers are saying: ‘This is a complicated story with lots of real-life politics and layers of relationships, ugliness, and dirty politics. Great characters that we could likely see more of and a fun read for political thriller lovers.’ – Christy Martin 

About the book: US president Keegan Barrett stepped into office after a successful run as the director of the CIA. Six months into his first term, he sets out on a clandestine power grab with a personal motive: Revenge. Ordering CIA agents to execute his plan, President Barrett forces them to choose between their loyalty to defending the US against all threats and following orders from the Oval Office.


The Girl in the Castle book cover.

The Girl in the Castle


For fans of: The Shadow

What reviewers are saying: ‘Yes! This book is pure addiction! Once you start, you can not put it down! It’s thrilling, exciting, thought-provoking, heart wrenching, shocking! The big twist was perfection! And ending was also powerful! I loved it!’ – Nilufer Ozmekik

About the book: Hannah Dory is an eighteen-year-old girl caught between two worlds. In the present, she’s in Belman Psych and told she is suffering severe hallucinations. In her other timeline in 1347, Hannah’s village is suffering a brutal winter – and if she doesn’t make it back, her sister will die. Only one person seems to care, but will he be able to help Hannah? 


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