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Article  •  2 November 2023


QUIZ: Which colour are you from Surrounded by Idiots?

Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson uses a colour-based system to outline different personality types. Take this quiz to find out which colour you relate to most.

When he was in high school, future author Thomas Erikson first realised that he found it easier to get along with some people than others. ‘It was easy to talk to some of my friends . . . with other people, however, everything just went wrong,’ he writes.

This interest lit a spark in him, and in 2019 he published his first book, Surrounded by Idiots, which breaks down personality types to help you understand yourself and others better. Perhaps most importantly, the book outlines methods for getting along with personality types different from your own, whether during conflict or awkward water cooler chat.

The wisdom offered by Erikson in Surrounded by Idiots is indispensable for a myriad of reasons, the least of which is that it will allow you to recognise your own blind spots.

By understanding your personality type, Erikson posits that you’ll be able to interact with the people and world around you better.

To make the most of the tips in Surrounded by Idiots, however, you must first understand your personality type, presented in the book as a colour. Based on the DISC system, the book explores four personalities:

  • Analytical: Blue
  • Dominant: Red
  • Stable: Green
  • Inspiring: Yellow  

While the official DISC assessment  from TTI Success Insights will provide the most accurate personality assessment to go alongside the book, this quiz uses examples from Surrounded by Idiots to give you a quick estimate of which colour you might relate to most.


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