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Article  •  6 September 2022


8 quotes from Carrie Soto is Back that will awaken your ambition

Love Taylor Jenkins Reid? Check out these quotes from her new book, Carrie Soto Is Back.

Carrie Soto Is Back is a new book by beloved author Taylor Jenkins Reid. Centred around a record-holding tennis player who comes out of retirement to reclaim her title, the book dives headfirst into the complexities of fame, ambition and – most of all – navigating these subjects as an aging woman in the spotlight.

Following the life of prolific tennis player, Carrie Soto, the fictional story explores the cost of being ‘the greatest’. In navigating her sporting career, personal relationships, loss, and love, Carrie learns to manage society’s expectations as well as her own.

Her own toughest critic, Carrie must learn how to open her heart to love and friendship, whilst maintaining her reputation as a stone-cold competitor on the court – which isn’t easy.  Needless to say, Carrie’s internal monologue is often blunt, but under her words is a burning sense of ambition.

If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, these quotes from Carrie Soto Is Back will motivate you to start training for whatever your metaphorical tennis competition may be. Whether you’re hoping to ace your next exam or smash your career goals, Carrie’s words of wisdom will give you that extra edge so that you can own your greatness.

Quotes from Carrie Soto Is Back

Split photo showing a tennis racket and tennis balls on the left and an overhead view of a woman on a tennis court playing in a match on the left.
  • ‘You are not yet who you will one day be.’
  • ‘One of the great injustices of this rigged world we live in is that women are considered to be depleting with age and men are somehow deepening.’
  • ‘They can’t make us go away just because they are done with us.’
  • ‘I have always known there is no mountain you cannot climb, one step at a time.’
  • ‘My older self knows that you must stop — in the middle of the chaos — to take in the world around you. To breathe in deep, smell the sunscreen and the rubber of the ball, let the breeze blow across your neck, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. In this respect, I love the way the world has aged me.’
  • ‘Falling in love is really quite simple. You want to know the secret? . . . Forget there’s an ending.’
  • ‘Next time, I want you to beat yourself. Every day you must beat the day before.’
  • ‘You are perfect, even in your imperfection.’


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