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Article  •  5 September 2022


What to know before watching Vampire Academy

Find out what Vampire Academy is about, how to stream it in Australia and more.

The new Stan series, Vampire Academy is set to air next week on 16 September 2022 – the same day it airs in the United States. Based on the young adult fantasy series of the same name, Vampire Academy already has some built-in hype behind it.

Whether you’ve never read the books or just need a refresher before the TV show comes out, read on to get all the deets before tuning in.

What is Vampire Academy about?

Based on the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, the TV show follows Rose Hathaway, a half-vampire-half-human girl who is training to be the guardian of her mortal vampire friend, Lissa, a vampire princess and the last heir in her family line.

Training at the academy, Rose learns to ward off another swath of dangerous vampires, the immortal strigoi, who lurk outside the academy’s walls – a threat to her best friend’s life.

Danger and drama lie outside the school gates. But with secrets, romance, and perils inside, the academy has its own obstacles for the friends to overcome.

The trailer

Where to watch vampire academy

Vampire Academy will premiere on Stan on 16 September 2022 – the same day it drops in the US.

The first four episodes will drop at once, with the remaining six airing weekly from the 23rd onwards.

Vampire academy cast

Photo of Lissa and Rose from Vampire academy, with text reading
Image courtesy of Stan

Wondering who will play your favourite characters?

Rose Hathaway, the narrator of the book series, will be played by Australian Sisi Stringer. In the books, Rose is bonded to her best friend Lissa, having been brought back to life from her magic.

Lissa Dragomir, the aforementioned best friend, will be played by Daniela Nieves in the TV series. The last mortal vampire from her royal family line, she has rare magic that can bring the dead back to life.

Rose and Lissa’s main love interests, Dimitri and Christian, are played by Kieron Moore and André Dae Kim, respectively.

Behind the scenes, Julie Plec and Marguerite Macintyre are executive producing, both of whom worked on vampire-themed shows The Originals and Legacies together.  

'This started in about 2007 actually, when I was on holiday chilling by the pool,' Plec told Entertainment Weekly. 'I read Vampire Academy and I thought, "God, this is a good book. God, I want to make this into a show."'

'This is modern-day Bridgerton with vampires. . . Who's not going to want to see that?'

How many vampire academy books are there

Want to read it before watching the show?

With six books in the series, you have plenty of reading to catch up on.

In order, the series consists of


Want more? Explore the Vampire Academy series

Opening image courtesy of Stan.

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