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Article  •  14 October 2022


QUIZ: Which dark academia book do you belong in?

Answer a few questions to find out which dark academia book you belong in.

Have you ever dreamed of attending a private school like the ones you read about? Do you imagine yourself walking the corridors of a magical academy or holing up in the library of a liberal arts university? If so, this is for you.

This fun quiz asks a few simple questions to discover the fictional dark academia setting where you’d be most at home.

Will you end up training at St. Vladimir’s Academy, taking classes at Hampten College, interning at The Cloisters or trying to survive the Scholomance? 

Take this quiz to find out! 


Featured Titles

The Cloisters
Pitched as The Secret History for a new generation, this dark tale of toxic obsession, ambition and corrosive friendships proved to be one of the year's most captivating debuts - a top 10 bestseller in the UK and the USA!
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Vampire Academy (book 1): TV Tie-in

The astonishing first book that kicked off the number 1 international bestselling Vampire Academy series.

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The Secret History
The dark academia bestseller that defined an age
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A Deadly Education
From the leading talent in fantasy, a magical coming-of-age trilogy with a female anti-hero - for fans of Dark Academia and Harry Potter.
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