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Article  •  21 October 2022


Netflix just dropped a full trailer for the new Matilda musical

. . . and it looks amazing!

This just in: Netflix has released its full trailer for the live-action musical adaptation of Matilda, and it somehow blows all expectations out of the water.

Opening with a shot of Matilda flying through the sky in a hot air balloon, the trailer instantly sets the tone for this version of the beloved classic. With plenty of fun, skilful acting, and a whimsical flair that gives off an oh-so-musical-theatre vibe, we have a feeling it will be the children’s movie of the year.

While there is still a lot that audiences don’t know about the upcoming movie-musical, there are some educated guesses we can make. Based on the book by Roald Dahl, this version of Matilda is sure to be just as cheeky as the original text, which was first published in 1988.

Featuring the same songs that Tim Minchin wrote for the West End musical, the spectacle of the film is just as elaborate as the theatre production. With sweeping shots, brilliant choreography, and a cast of talented children, this new adaptation brings the art of musical theatre straight to your TV screen.

The characters

Netflix has confirmed that this Matilda adaptation will feature the same characters from the book. And, better yet, there’s a star-studded cast list to bring Dahl’s words to life.

A few key actors involved include:

  • Emma Thompson, Miss Trunchbull
  • Lashana Lynch, Miss Honey
  • Alisha Wier, Matilda
  • Andrea Riseborough, Mrs Wormwood
  • Stephen Graham, Mr Wormwood

What’s new

While the movie tells the same story that readers know and love, this is an entirely new adaptation, created by Netflix specifically for viewing on the streaming service. Based on Dennis Kelly's stage musical, first performed in 2010, the musical movie takes the beloved story, songs and dance, presenting them in a unique way to the audiences of 2022.

Like the stage adaptation, we expect plenty of fun songs and dances – as well as a few fun surprises.

Is that green hair we spotted on Mr Wormwood?

Watch the trailer


Want to re-read it before watching? Take me to the book

All images courtesy of Netflix.

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The film tie-in edition of the original Matilda story.
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