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Article  •  23 March 2020


Listen productively

Five other things you can do while listening to audiobooks at home.

In a perfect world, increased at-home time would surely mean increased reading time, right? Well, in this far-from-perfect world it can still be tough finding time to drop everything and get back to the pages of your latest read. Even at your home base, life, family, work and associated responsibilities all too often take priority. With audiobooks, you can keep your story absorption up, even when you're running at peak productivity. From the couch to the treadmill, your desk to your broom closet, here are some activities that can be boosted by an audiobook.

Get domestic
Everyday chores like cleaning, cooking, online grocery shopping and gardening can seriously eat into our ‘RBR’ (aka Rather Be Reading) time. But when you complement your domestic duties with a wonderful story, you’ll knock off your must-dos without missing out on your love-tos.

Take it lying down
If you’ve mastered the art of reading on your back without getting sore arms, neck strains or pins and needles, we’d love to know your secret. From the couch to the bedroom, take relaxation to the next level with an audiobook – perfect for enjoying on your back, wherever you may be. 

Gather the family
In our not-so-distant collective memories, a favourite family pastime was tuning in to the wireless of an evening to listen to the stories and news of the world. In these unprecedented times, it's important we still make room for quality time with our loved ones – however cramped our day-to-day existence has become. Make family time audiobook time and escape together, one chapter at a time.

Get active
Ever tried reading at the gym? Balancing a book on your bike? Browsing on your morning jog? There are plenty of reasons why books and exercise are incompatible. But with audiobooks and at-home exercise routines, you can stimulate your brain while you fine-tune your body.

Work it
If work is feeling like an unnecessary distraction between chapters, try bringing a little literary kick to your day. Depending on the nature of your job, tasks like filing, invoicing or data entry are instantly more enjoyable with the addition of some imagination inspiration. Plug in some headphones, cue up a story and experience your very own time-slip.

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