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Activity  •  21 April 2020


At home lesson: living in the best places with Aussie Kids

Aussie Kids features eight children who live in eight different places around the country.

For teachers/parents: This activity is suitable for students in years 1–3. It explores the country we live in and places that surround us. Students will use writing, drawing and creative thinking skills. For more Aussie Kids resources, download the teachers notes.


For students: Australia is a great place to live! The Aussie Kids series of books tell the story of eight different children who live in eight different places around the country. Today we will be using their stories to help us think about the places that we live in and enjoy.


To start, read this extract from the book Aussie Kids: Meet Katie at the Beach. Click here to read the extract.



Now, pick up your pencil and paper and write your answers to these questions:


1. Katie lives in a high-rise apartment building overlooking the beach. What kind of home do you live in, and what can you see outside?


2. Can you remember the first time you saw the ocean? Write down 3 words that describe your experience.


3. Katie lives next to the beach, and some people live next to a park or have a big backyard to play in.

   a) Draw a picture of Katie's beach.

   b) Then, draw a picture of the place where you like to play the most.

   c) Now, make a list of the main differences between the two places you drew.


4. Finish this sentence: I love where I live because...


5. Take a look at this map of Australia.

   a) Can you name all the capital cities? Write them down.

   b) Can you find where you live on this map? Is your home close to Katie or far away from her?


6. How much do you know about Australia? Have a go at this true or false challenge to find out (no Googling!).

7. Find all the words from the word list in the grid. Words may be found going up, down, forwards, backwards or diagonally. Ask an adult for help if needed!


8. Use an online translation tool such as Google Translate to learn how to write the word 'Australia' in the languages listed in the table below.


Extension Challenge! Fill in the blanks using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to create a postcard.


Congratulations! You have completed the lesson. To read more of Katie's story or discover different stories, keep an eye out for Aussie Kids in your local bookstore.

Aussie Kids: Meet Katie at the Beach Rebecca Johnson, Lucia Masciullo

Aussie Kids is an exciting new series for emerging readers 6-8 years.From a NSW Zoo to a Victorian lighthouse, or an outback sheep farm in WA to a beach in QLD, this junior fiction series celebrates stories about children living in unique places in every state in Australia. 8 characters, 8 stories, 8 authors and illustrators from all 8 states and territories!Come on an adventure with Aussie Kids and meet Katie from Queensland.

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