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Derek Dool Supercool

Young readers » Series » Derek Dool Supercool

It's hard to be cool when your name's DEREK DILBERT DOOL.

Think of the COOLEST, FUNNIEST, most HANDSOME kid in school, times it by a gazillion and you get DEREK DILBERT DOOL. At least he thinks so . . . Pity he’s the only one.

Life’s tough when your name’s Derek. You’re destined to be uncool. But Derek is determined to find something - anything - that will change that. He’s sick of being picked last in PE, of not being invited to parties, and of all the cool kids using his freckles as dot-to-dot challenges. Derek is going to find something that will make him SUPERCOOL and nothing is going to stop him.

Recommended for ages 8–12. Find Derek Dool at your local bookstore.