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Best books for 1-year-old babies

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Discover the best books for 1-year-old babies. All of the classics and some newer books that your baby will love.

Looking for a book to read with your 1-year-old? Look no further.

These are some of the best books to read with your baby. From learning books to classic picture books, to touch and feel options – these 12 books will teach your 1-year-old the joy of reading from a young age.

Common questions

Q: How do I get my 1-year-old interested in a book?

A: When you first introduce babies to books, they might not be interested immediately – and that’s okay. Start with small chunks of time, dedicating a few minutes here and there to read with your little one. Let your baby choose the pace that you read, going as slowly as you need so that they can look at the pictures and touch or feel the pages. Around 18 months, your child might want to try turning pages.

Q: When should I introduce my baby to a book?

A: The best age to start reading books to your baby is around the 3-6 month mark, as soon as they can focus on items like mirrors and toys.

A good way to slowly introduce the concept is by adding reading to an already-existing routine. Whether that means looking at a book first thing in the morning or directly after feeding, find a way to incorporate books into your baby’s schedule.

Q: Does reading to a 1-year-old build vocabulary?

A: At about 9 months old, your baby starts to understand basic words. While they might not necessarily talk back, babies can make sense of basic words like ‘no’ and ‘bye-bye’. At about 1 year, babies will start using simple words, typically with a vocabulary of words. By reading books to your baby with simple vocabulary, you can help cement the words that they do know while also teaching them new ones.   

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