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About the book
  • Published: 28 September 2017
  • ISBN: 9781473553187
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 176

What the CEO Wants You to Know

How Your Company Really Works

A revised and updated edition of the business classic that has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide, but has never been published in the UK.

‘The most influential consultant alive.’ Fortune
Have you ever noticed that the best CEOs seem to have a special kind of intelligence, an ability to sense where the opportunities in their industries are and how to take advantage of them? The best have a knack for simplifying the most complex business practices down to the fundamentals – the same fundamentals of the small family business.

In What the CEO Wants You To Know, Ram Charan explains in clear, simple language how to do what great CEOs do instinctively and persistently – understand the basic building blocks of a company and use them to figure out how to make it work as a total business. Being able to decide what to do when, despite the clutter of day-to-day to-do lists and the complexity of the real world, takes the mystery out of business and offers a clear road map of organisational success.

First published in 2001 (with over 300,000 copies sold worldwide) but never before published in the UK, this business classic has been completely rewritten and updated with new stories from today’s market leaders and companies, and the latest insights from the cutting edge of management research.

‘One of the world’s most renowned management consultants and authors.’ Fast Company

  • Pub date: 28 September 2017
  • ISBN: 9781473553187
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 176

About the Author

Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a highly acclaimed business advisor, speaker and author, famous for his practical real-world perspective on current business issues. He has worked with the CEOs of some of the world’s most successful companies in areas such as business strategy, execution, leadership and corporate governance. He is also an award-winning teacher, formerly at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Wharton and GE’s famous training centre at Crotonville, New York. He is the author or co-author of twenty-four books, including four bestsellers, and is a frequent contributor to Fortune magazine and the Harvard Business Review. He was a Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School, where he earned his MBA with distinction, as well as his DBA.

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Praise for What the CEO Wants You to Know

“The most influential consultant alive.”


“One of the world’s most renowned management consultants and authors.”

Fast Company

“The world's most influential consultant . . . the who’s who of business seek his advice when the prophets of doom are at their doorstep.”

Economic Times

“These ideas help simplify complexity and provide a lifetime of value. What the CEO Wants You to Know is a gem of a book.”

Larry Bossidy, former Chairman and CEO, AlliedSignal

“This is a book that's been needed for years. Ram Charan shares the secret to finding your way in the business world and making your career more meaningful.”

Chad Holliday, Chairman and CEO, Dupont

“Ram Charan’s What the CEO Wants You to Know has become a mini-classic of business strategy, and its updated edition looks set to win a new generation of fans”

People Management

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