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About the book
  • Published: 7 March 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448132690
  • Imprint: Virgin Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 352

The Yes Book

The Art of Better Negotiation

Discover the secrets of successful negotiation with the best deal-maker in the business

Negotiation is fundamental to our lives; whether it’s getting your kids to eat their greens, making your case for a pay rise, or trying to secure a multi-million pound deal for your company.

However, negotiation has changed. It's no longer about confrontation where there are winners and losers. Collaboration is now the name of the game. YouGov research commissioned for this book shows UK PLC is losing £9 million per hour from poor negotiating – £17 billion per year. Can you afford to be without a modern framework for deal-making?

In The Yes Book, Clive Rich provides a method for generating success based on years of experience working for or with major organisations and super brands including Sony, Yahoo, Apple, the BBC, Tesco, and Simon Cowell's Syco, during a negotiating career in which he has brokered more than £10 billion worth of deals.

By breaking negotiation into its three key elements of Attitude, Behaviour and Process, he helps you learn how to shape, create and close deals. You will discover what your negotiating style is, and how you can apply it to influence others and give yourself the edge.

This is the ultimate guide to using the power of negotiation to get more of what you want, in both business and life outside the office.

  • Pub date: 7 March 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448132690
  • Imprint: Virgin Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 352

About the Author

Clive Rich

Clive Rich is a Professional International Negotiator who has done deals worth more than £10 billion in his 30 years of experience. He has helped Simon Cowell negotiate his deals for X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, as well as with numerous big name brands like Sony, BBC, Tesco, Apple, Audi and Treseme. He has also negotiated deals with stars like Take That, Robbie Williams, Dido, Enya and Annie Lennox. In Clive's new book, The Yes Book, he shows how negotiation has changed and that it's no longer about 'dog eat dog' practices. You can use British expert Rich’s techniques whether you are an entrepreneur securing a deal, a company negotiating with customers or suppliers, negotiating as a woman in a male environment, resolving personal arguements, negotiating a pay rise at work, facing bedtimes tantrums with your kids, handling your difficult teenagers, or dealing with `tough guys’ who just want to put pressure on you.

Praise for The Yes Book

“Goes through the mechanics of bidding and bluffing in exhaustive detail without ever being less than enthralling”

People Management

“Informative and fascinating, the book offers practical advice on how to boost your bargaining power so you hear that little magic word. It's an eye-opening read.”

Ann Pickford, Belfast News

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