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Stella and Margie is a piercingly insightful novel about love and duty, acceptance and reconciliation, and of a touching friendship that crosses the generations.

A beautiful novel about two women – a generation apart – thrown together by circumstance, who slowly come to love and understand one another.

Stella and her mother-in-law Margie are two very different women.

Stella is kind, compassionate and just a little chaotic. Margie is prickly, demanding and a stickler for convention. Stella has exciting dreams for the future. Margie has only bitter memories of the past.

When Margie needs help recovering from a major operation, Stella offers her a place to stay. With no other options, Margie returns to the family farm where for decades, until Stella’s arrival, she was the one in charge.

Margie has never made life easy for her daughter-in-law, and that’s not going to change now she’s been made a guest in her former home.

But as the dry summer turns to a beautiful autumn, the two women gradually form an unlikely bond, as the ambitions, secrets, and tragedies that have shaped their lives are slowly uncovered...

“I love the story of Stella and Margie. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of women’s friendship.” Ita Buttrose

'All the ingredients of a satisfying country story are nestled in this heart-warming tale' Australian Women's Weekly on Blueberry


I love the story of Stella and Margie. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of women’s friendship.

Ita Buttrose

Formats & editions

  • Trade Paperback


    January 2, 2018

    Bantam Australia

    352 pages

    RRP $32.99

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    January 2, 2018

    Random House Australia

    352 pages

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Their high-pitched squealy calls come first. Approaching from the north, behind the fig tree, black cockatoos fly slowly and settle into the silver wattle. They’re a sign rain is coming, and I want that to be true. Someone told me that each bird represents a day of rain. So, sitting on those thin branches is a week’s worth. Maybe a hundred millimetres. I hope so, yet it’s hard to imagine wet ground, rivulets, cows having their backs washed.

I drag the hose across the parched lawn, thinking that this is a waste of my time. Standing, waiting, counting to fifty, sometimes a hundred. Even so, there’s something satisfying about a wet garden on a hot day. The shade trees and roses manage best; it’s the shrubs that struggle. I’ve spoken to Ross about putting in an irrigation system – underground pipes, sprinklers and a button to press so I can walk away. He says that’s a complicated thing to do in an old garden like this. That means it’s too hard for him to work out, he’s got enough on his mind, and I suppose that’s fair enough.

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