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Glenna Thomson
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Glenna Thomson

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After a successful career in overseas aid, and as a senior executive with a global food company, Glenna and her husband spent almost twenty years living and working on their cattle property in rural Victoria. During that time they also owned and operated a commercial blueberry orchard. Glenna’s time in the country enables her to write authentically about life in the city as well as in remote locations. She now lives in inner Melbourne with her husband. She is also the author of Blueberry and Stella and Margie.

Books by Glenna Thomson


Gone is a gripping rural crime novel of a grieving family and their forty-year journey to discover the truth.

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Stella and Margie

Stella and Margie is a piercingly insightful novel about love and duty, acceptance and reconciliation, and of a touching friendship that crosses the generations.

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Blueberry is a heart-warming debut novel about starting over, as a little blueberry orchard in the hills offers one woman the chance to change her life forever...

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Stella and Margie book club notes

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