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Stella and Margie Book Club Notes

Explore Stella and Margie’s themes of friendship, duty, acceptance and reconciliation with your book club.

Stella and Margie is a beautiful novel about two women – a generation apart – thrown together by circumstance, who slowly come to love and understand one another. Enjoy this piercingly insightful novel with your reading group.

Discussion points and questions:

  • If you were in Margie’s marriage, would you have done anything differently? If so, what and how?
  • Do you consider Margie a weak person because she didn’t leave her marriage?
  • From the perspective of deceiving another woman, how do you judge Margie for having an affair?
  • What is the significance of the birds? What do they represent?
  • How do you feel about the phrase, ‘I did my best’, in the context of motherhood, and the judgements we make of our mothers, and ourselves as mothers?
  • Do you relate to Stella’s determination for self-expression and independence beyond being a wife and mother?
  • What is good about Stella and Ross’s marriage?
  • Was Stella right to bring Margie back to Maryhill against Ross’s wishes?
  • Do you think Margie might have succumbed to Chester’s charms had she been in a different relationship?
  • Is the relationship between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law with differing personalities always bound to be fraught?

Formats & editions

  • Trade Paperback


    January 2, 2018

    Bantam Australia

    304 pages

    RRP $32.99

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  • EBook


    January 2, 2018

    Random House Australia

    304 pages

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    • Kobo

Stella and Margie Glenna Thomson

Stella and Margie is a piercingly insightful novel about love and duty, acceptance and reconciliation, and of a touching friendship that crosses the generations.

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