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When Australian-based scientist Chris Turney’s expedition got stuck in the Antarctic ice in 2013, it brought global attention to the dangers of the world’s least-known continent – and its fragility. Turney tells his own dramatic tale against the backdrop of the compelling history of Antarctic exploration and inspired by fears for the continent’s future.

In 2013, Australian earth scientist Chris Turney led an ambitious expedition to Antarctica. It promised so much – discovery, history, adventure – but came with great risk.

The story of Turney’s ship, the Shokalskiy, and the plight of the 71 people on board was broadcast around the world. We watched, listened and read as they became trapped on Christmas Eve, the hull of the ship pierced by a tower of ice. Efforts to rescue them were thwarted by fierce blizzards and roaming icebergs.

It was the modern, wired version of Shackleton’s ill-fated voyage and rescue, with one massive difference: Shackleton’s wife and children were not with him.

Shackled is a classic adventure story with a twist. As the ghosts of explorers like Shackleton, Mawson and Ross look on, the day-to-day tribulations of a ship facing uncertain danger unfold before our very eyes. We discover firsthand the latest scientific findings from the frozen continent and learn the fates of the many intrepid explorers in whose footsteps Turney and his team walked.

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Just thinking the words scares me.

I’m standing alone on a windswept deck looking out over the Antarctic coastline and the wildest landscape I have ever seen. We’re over 2700 kilometres from civilisation and things don’t look good.

Our ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, has spent the last four weeks fighting the stormiest seas on our planet. For four weeks I’ve shared our small vessel with seventy-one other souls, leading a sci­entific expedition to study this extreme environment. Arriving at the edge of the continent, we successfully crossed 65 kilo­metres of sea ice to reach a hundred-year-old wooden Antarctic base, a time capsule from the Edwardian age, to complete research the first polar scientists could only have dreamed of. With the science program nearly done, we took the Shokalskiy round to the east for one final piece of work. We finished yesterday and, flushed with success, were heading home.

Now we’re surrounded by ice . . . lots of ice.

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