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Books for the gracious, level-headed diplomats born 23 September – 22 October.

On the one hand, you’re the cooperative collaborator we all want on our team. On the other hand, you’re not so great at handling confrontation and tend to brood after criticism. But then, you’re well attuned to the beauty of the world and your idealism rubs off on others. That’s why we love you (most of the time). Here are some books for the peacemakers.

  • The new novel from no.1 bestselling author Judy Nunn is a stunning portrait of love, hope and survival on an isolated island off Western Australia.

  • The riveting autobiography from Australia’s inimitable Geoffrey Robertson. Funny, personal, and bringing Robertson's fascinating and colourful career up to date following The Justice Game.

  • A sweeping tale of love, revenge and music from one of Britain's best-loved novelists.

  • Ian McEwan's brilliant, emotionally wrenching novel, now a major film starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci

  • The history of a family through 264 objects - set against a turbulent century - from an acclaimed writer and potter

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