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Book clubs  •  4 May 2021


Lovebirds book club notes

A pick for book club that's warm, witty and wise.

Embarking on a road trip through the northern NSW hinterland with her grandson Zach, Elizabeth sets out to find his grandfather, her lost love Ray. Will she be able to mend their broken family? And in trying to save Zach, will Elizabeth save herself? 

Lovebirds is the latest novel from much-loved author Amanda Hampson. This astute and uplifting story about the power of love and family is perfect for book club. Use the questions below to get the conversation started.

Discussion points and questions:

  • What did you make of the main character, Elizabeth, and how did your impression of her change over the course of the book?
  • Do you think Elizabeth did the right thing standing by Ray? What could she have done differently?
  • Elizabeth states that ‘grief catches up with you at some point’. Discuss the ways in which we see this play out in the novel.
  • Elizabeth tells her daughter-in-law Louise: ‘You’ll bounce back. Women always do. We have no choice.’ What do you think she means by this?
  • Elizabeth believes she is the only person who can appreciate Ray in all his dimensions, because she knew him as his young self, full of ambitions. Do you agree?
  • Do you understand Ray’s decision to leave his family and go to live in isolation? Do you think it was right?
  • What were the main themes of the book, and how were they brought to life?
  • Which character or moment in the novel prompted the strongest emotional reaction for you?
  • What were the most important things Elizabeth and Zach taught each other?
  • Elizabeth loves to imagine the songs that sum up people’s lives, yet struggles to identify a song for herself. What do you think your theme song could be?
  • What do you imagine Elizabeth will do next with her life?
  • Have you read any other books by Amanda Hampson, and if so, what recurring themes did you find?

Lovebirds Amanda Hampson

Not all marriages end in happily ever after...

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