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Article  •  24 April 2024


Mini-me reads for mums and kids this Mother’s Day

Read by example this Mother’s Day with these book duos, perfect for mums and their children.

Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to read by example.

When gifting a mum a book, why not pair it up with a mini-me book for her kids as well?

Scroll on to see some of the best mini-me book pairings. By matching mum’s books with children’s books, Mother’s Day gifts can have the dual purpose of pleasing mum while instilling good habits in children.

Funny Story book cover.
What Would Bluey's Mum Do? book cover.

Funny StoryBluey: What Would Bluey's Mum Do?

What do Emily Henry and Bluey have in common? They’re both international phenomena. Mum will love reading this summer romance, while kids will enjoy this book about Bluey’s mum in honour of Mother’s Day.

Mum’s book: Funny Story by Emily Henry 

Daphne always loved the way Peter told their story . . . until she realised it was the just prologue to his actual love story with his childhood bestie, Petra.

Now, nobody understands Daphne’s situation except for one person: Petra's ex, Miles. Though Daphne and Miles are nothing alike, they end up rooming together. While tossing back tequila one night, they formulate a plan to dupe their exes into thinking something more is happening between them. But when feelings start to form, Daphne questions whether she can really start a new chapter by falling for her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex.

Kid’s book: Bluey: What Would Bluey's Mum Do

This adorable hardback based on the Bluey TV show shares Chilli’s own checklist for real life. Showing kids what Bluey’s mum would do, this gorgeous hardback is perfect for kids of all ages and is a wonderful way to celebrate the wisdom of mums this Mother’s Day.


The Crypic Clue book cover.
Friday Barnes 12 bookcover.

The Cryptic Clue + Friday Barnes 12: Collison Course

If you and your kiddo enjoy mysteries, look no further than this perfect pairing. Both reads are fun and fast-paced. Will you be able to solve the mysteries inside?

Mum’s book: The Cryptic Clue by Amanda Hampson

Book number two in The Tea Ladies series, The Cryptic Clue revisits Hazel, Betty and Irene as they take on a new mystery. They’ve already solved a murder, kidnapping and arson case, and now they will need to help the police solve a plot that threatens security. On top of that, the very role of the tea lady is under threat by an interloper at Empire Fashionware.

Kid’s book: Friday Barnes 12: Collision Course

Like Mum’s book, this kids’ book is also part of a series. The newest addition in the best-selling Friday Barnes series, Friday Barnes 12: Collison Course, follows Friday as she attempts to clear her mum’s name. When police accuse Friday’s mum of espionage, it’s up to Friday to smuggle herself into Switzerland to clear things up.

The Familiar book cover.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief book cover.

The Familiar + Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

If you like a sprinkling of magic in your stories, check out this duo. Both books mix real-world elements with touches of fantasy, perfect for expanding your imagination.

Mum’s book: The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo

From bestselling author Leigh Bardugo comes this engrossing historical fantasy about magic, love and the desire to belong. Set during the Spanish Inquisition, Luzia is a scullion who hides her talent for little miracles. When her mistress discovers her secret, Luzia is thrown into a world of power-hungry nobility, desperate kings, and holy men – some of whom would love to see her destroyed. To survive, she’ll need to use her wit and maybe even seek help from an immortal familiar who has his own secrets.

Kid’s book: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is the first book in the bestselling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. All at once, Percy’s life is turned upside down when he accidentally vaporises his math teacher. Suddenly, he’s thrown into a world of sword fights, battling monsters alongside his fellow half-blood friends. With gods and goddesses for parents, it’s not surprising that these kids have special powers.


Want more? Check out books for kids and grown-ups this Mother's Day!

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