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Teresa Oates
Photo Credit: Simon Griffiths

Teresa Oates

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Teresa Oates has worked as a personal chef and caterer. She is a Melbourne mum who was brought up in an Italian-migrant family, surrounded by good, fresh produce and a passionate food culture. In a quest to 'rescue their mammas' recipes from extinction', Teresa and her good friend Angela Villella have banded together to set up www.mangiamangia.com.au, a site to share their family recipes and to encourage others to preserve their family food history, whatever their story or ethnic-background. Their first book, Mangia! Mangia!,explores their families' food culture and recipes.

Books by Teresa Oates

Mangia! Mangia! Gatherings: The spirit of coming together

Featuring 110 authentic Italian recipes, including plenty of everyday meals, as well as eloborate feasts to feed a crowd and sweet treats for special occasions, this book will soon become a well-thumbed volume in your collection as you come together to cook and eat with your loved ones.

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Mangia! Mangia!

Mangia! Mangia! celebrates home-style Southern Italian food, based on traditional recipes and methods.

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Mangia! Mangia! minestrone

Try this delicious home-style Italian recipe from Mangia! Mangia!.