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Tegan MacCormack
Photo Credit: © Brent Parker Jones

Tegan MacCormack

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Tigga Mac is an Aussie cake decorator who has become a viral phenomenon for her incredible decorating skills and iconic voiceovers. Tigga created the perfect hook in her online content with her signature catch phrase “Okie Dokie,” and her social media audience has grown into a following of over three million people across multiple platforms.

Tigga began her decorating journey with her best mate Katie in their own tiny kitchen over five years ago. Katie could bake. Tigga could decorate. Combining these two ingredients allowed their dream of owning their own business to become a reality.

Being completely self-taught and having a more down-to-earth approach to the art of cake decorating has given Tigga and Katie the unique opportunity to open the doors of cake decorating to the masses. Despite Tigga becoming well-known for her highly skilled hyper-realistic designs, both she and Katie want cake decorating and custom-themed cakes to be accessible to everyone.

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