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Niel Bushnell

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Niel Bushnell began his career working in comics before moving into animation on the feature films Space Jam & Lost in Space, and as an animator & illustrator for several computer games, including Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone. In 2002 Niel established Qurios, an animation & VFX studio which has contributed to many UK TV shows, including Spooks and Hyperdrive. He was recently commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to develop his sit-com, Ragnor Rock. Sorrowline is his first novel.

Books by Niel Bushnell


Sometimes the past won't stay buried. Jack Morrow must travel through time to find the fabled lost sword of the evil Rouland - before it's too late.

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The past is not a frozen place. Graveyards are not dead ends. And if the Sorrowline lets you in there is a hidden world of adventure waiting behind every gravestone.

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