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Broadcast legend Danny Baker was the pioneering presenter of the original football phone-in 6-0-6 on the BBC until he was fired. Twice. He is now back on the show long term. Danny also has his own show on BBC Radio London. He also began the whole Own Goals and Gaffes Xmas video industry, later jumped on by everyone from Neil Kinnock to Judge Judy and for this he apologises unreservedly. He neither likes nor cares about any other football club than his own (Millwall).

Publishing overlord Danny Kelly is former editor of NME, Q and Total Sport, and founder of the Football365 website. He has a daily show on TalkSport and broadcasts regularly on BBC 5 Live. He appals Baker by knowing 97.4% of everything there is to know about football and 85.3% about every other sport. Except tennis, which is rubbish because it requires servants to fetch the balls. He loves Spurs but annoys those who sit around him at White Hart Lane by booing the team as they run out just in case.

Danny Baker and Danny Kelly have broadcast their award-scooping stuff for years now and have co-written a weekly sports column for the Times, until that was sacked too. Immediately after, their Baker & Kelly football podcast became the country's no.1 sports download. NUMBER ONE. There, suck that up all you lily livered hair-trigger quaking BBC execs.

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