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Chloe Wheatland
Photo Credit: © Sarah Bolt

Chloe Wheatland

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Chloe Wheatland is a content creator, model and plant-based recipe developer from Australia. She grew up in a cozy country town just north of Melbourne. She is a big believer in balance and living a lifestyle that fulfils her both physically and mentally. She became a vegan in her mid-teens and since that time her whole life has changed. Apart from improved health, Chloe discovered what she was truly passionate about and built a business from social media, where she is dedicated to sharing easy and healthy recipes and mindfulness insights.

Books by Chloe Wheatland

Chloe's Vegan Kitchen

Mouth-watering, fresh and easy meals meets mindfulness in this new vegan cookbook by social media sensation, Chloe Wheatland.

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