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The Shepherd’s Hut Book Club Notes

Explore Tim Winton’s themes of lost boys and toxic masculinity with your book club.

Only the Animals Book Club Notes

Book clubs will see history from a different perspective in these short stories from Ceridwen Dovey.

In the Garden of the Fugitives Book Club Notes

Unearth Ceridwen Dovey’s themes of guilt, power, shame and obsession with your book club.

Child of Mine Book Club Notes

Discuss the themes of motherhood and parental rights in Child of Mine with your book club.

Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-Time Husband Book Club Notes

Book clubs will love Barbara Toner’s charming, witty novel set in post-WWI New South Wales.

Stella and Margie Book Club Notes

Explore Stella and Margie’s themes of friendship, duty, acceptance and reconciliation with your book club.

White Chrysanthemum Book Club Notes

Discover the strength of sisterhood in the face of war and adversity with your book club.

Whipbird Book Club Notes

Transport your book club to a vineyard setting with Robert Drewe’s topical-yet-comic family saga Whipbird.

A Long Way from Home Book Club Notes

Take your book club on the race of a lifetime around Australia with Peter Carey’s A Long Way From Home.

Sanctuary Book Club Notes

Discover the strength of the human spirit with your book club in Judy Nunn’s Sanctuary.

Ada Book Club Notes

Take your reading group on a journey of vaudevillian enchantment.

The Tea Gardens Book Club Notes

Absorb the heroism, heartache and healing of The Tea Gardens with your book club.

Charlatan Book Club Notes

Enter the shadowy world of mesmerism with Catherine Jinks’ Charlatan.

Beauty in Thorns Book Club Notes

Unlock some fairy tale magic with Kate Forsyth’s reimagining of Sleeping Beauty.

Trip of a Lifetime Notes

Introduce your book club to the huge-hearted Quinlan family.

The Olive Sisters Reading Notes

Make a toast to The Olive Sisters at your next book club. 

A Dangerous Crossing

Take your reading group on Rachel Rhys’s intoxicating voyage.

Congo Dawn Book Club Notes

Transport your book club to Africa with Katherine Scholes’ Congo Dawn.

The Unmourned

Travel into Australia’s darkest past with Meg and Tom Keneally’s The Unmourned.

The French Perfumer

Escape to the south of France in Amanda Hampson’s world of colour.