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Article  •  21 March 2023


The 10 most anticipated YA books of 2023

Check out 10 of the most-anticipated YA books to read in 2023. Trust us, add them to your TBR now!

Must-read books of 2023 from Rick Riordan, Karen M. McManus, Jennifer Lynn Barnes and more.

'It's Not Summer Without You' book cover.

It’s Not Summer Without You (The Summer I Turned Pretty 2) by Jenny Han

The second book in The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogyIt’s Not Summer Without You, has received a new TV tie-in cover to match up with the second season of the Amazon Prime adaptation of the novel. Revisiting Cousin’s Beach, the book once again joins Belly on her journey to figure out exactly what – and who – she wants. Full of summer vibes, grade-A friendships and dramatic love triangles, fans of the series will adore this book. Coming 4 April 2023.



'Chaos and Flame' book cover.

Chaos & Flame by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland

An assassin, a soldier, a prince . . . and a deadly game of power where no one knows the rules. Darling Seabreak is a deadly assassin who has sworn to avenge her family. Her target? Talon Goldhoard. But when the two finally come face-to-face, he recognises her as the subject of her brother’s obsessive paintings. He knows he must keep her alive, but he is unprepared for the thrilling havoc she’s about to wreck on his life. Coming 4 April 2023.



The Shattered Lands by Brenna Nation

From TikTok author, Brenna Nation, comes this brilliant Sapphic Fantasy full of magic and secrets. After an eighteen-year disappearance, Sapphire returns to Eriobios where she is the heir to the throne. But despite being the princess, she doesn’t understand the magic and secrets that rule the country. A dark witch, Ashes, has the power to bring down Sapphire and her kingdom – but she’s also the only person that can help uncover the truth.



'The Sun and the Star' book cover.

The Sun and the Star by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro

From the Percy Jackson universe comes The Sun and the Star, a tale about demigods Nico di Angelo and Will Solace. In an attempt to rescue an old friend, these sons of gods must face the terrors of Tartarus. Co-written by best-selling author Rick Riordan and award-winning Mark Oshiro, it’s sure to be a wild ride – and readers can’t wait. As soon as the book was announced, Mark’s Instagram post was flooded with comments of support, excitement and fear for Nico and the adventure he’s about to face. Coming 2 May 2023.



'Liar's Beach' book cover.

Liar’s Beach by Katie Cotugno

Knives Out meets We Were Liars meets Gossip Girl in this unputdownable YA Thriller. Linden has always felt like an outsider, spending the summer at his best friend’s vacation house surrounded by extravagance. But when a body is found in the pool, his concerns become far greater than just fitting in. With privileged teens, beach parties, and a splash of dark academia, Liar’s Beach is a book you won’t soon forget. Coming 9 May 2023. 



'Girl, Goddess, Queen' book cover.

Girl, Goddess, Queen by Bea Fitzgerald

To hell with love, this goddess has other plans. Thousands of years ago the gods told a lie about Persephone being kidnapped, but the real story is much more interesting. She wasn’t taken to hell. She jumped. And now, she’ll have to face the consequences. Convincing Hades to agree to her plan won’t be easy, but Persephone is determined to shake Mount Olympus to its core. Even if the consequences are deadly. Coming 18 July 2023.



'One of Us is Back' book cover.

One of Us is Back by Karen M. McManus

The thrilling close to the One of Us . . . series is back. And it’s just as explosive as you’re hoping. Almost two years after Simon’s death, the after-effects are still rippling through Bayview. When a mysterious billboard pops up, reading ‘Time for a new game, Bayview’ and a member of the Bayview Crew disappears, it’s clear this ‘game’ is serious. Everyone is a target, and Simon was right. Secrets all come out – and Bayview has a lot it’s still hiding. Out 1 August 2023.



'The Spider and Her Demons' book cover.

The Spider and Her Demons by sydney khoo

Between surviving high school and working at her aunt’s dumpling restaurant, all Zhi wants to do is find time for her friends . . . and to make sure no one finds out she’s half spider-demon. But it all goes wrong one day when she accidentally kills and eats a man in front of the most popular girl in school. The book is a sprawling urban fantasy that explores what it means to be yourself and the struggle for belonging. Coming 15 August 2023.



'Eleanor Jones is Not a Murderer' book cover.

Eleanor Jones is Not a Murderer by Amy Doak

Eleanor has just started her ninth high school in less than five years. So maybe it’s just bad luck that the very first person she talks to at Cooinda Secondary college is stabbed and left for dead the same day. When the police investigate her, Eleanor realises that they don’t have all the facts, so she bands together with a group of eclectic students, all with their own reasons to solve the mystery. Coming 4 September 2023.



'The Brothers Hawthorne' book cover.

The Brothers Hawthorne by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Four brothers. Two mysteries. One explosive read. Return to the world of the #1 bestselling Inheritance Games series. With his billionaire grandfather dead, Grayson Hawthorne (heir apparent) knows it’s up to him to look after his family. While he tries to save his half-sisters from trouble, his brother Jameson is on the other side of the globe, attempting to infiltrate an underground gambling club. With the help of their brothers and the girl who inherited her grandfather’s fortune, the two must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to win. 



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Featured Titles

It's Not Summer Without You
Now a major TV series on Amazon Prime! The second gorgeous book in the bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty Series, perfect for fans of To All The Boys I've Loved Before and The Kissing Booth!
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Chaos & Flame
A scorchingly sexy and inclusive YA romantasy that is sure to be the talk of TikTok!
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From the World of Percy Jackson: The Sun and the Star (The Nico Di Angelo Adventures)
The new Percy Jackson World novel featuring fan-favourite characters, Nico and Will - now in paperback!
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Liar's Beach
KNIVES OUT meets WE WERE LIARS meets GOSSIP GIRL - this YA thriller with a splash of dark academia is full of secrets, lies, privileged teens and beach parties. The perfect summer read.
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Girl, Goddess, Queen
The feminist myths of Madeline Miller meet the #spice of Sarah J. Maas (with a hefty slice of Bridgerton's sexy, witty banter) in this fierce, fresh and enormously fun YA fantasy retelling from a growing TikTok superstar
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One of Us is Back
From international bestseller, Karen McManus, comes the explosive third and final thrilling instalment in the acclaimed One of Us... series.
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The Spider and Her Demons
Uncover an extraordinary world of demons and witches, where the ones you love can hurt you the most and hiding your true self can get you killed. Moving and funny by turns, this is a story about what it takes to make peace with your demons – literal or otherwise. An urban fantasy spin on growing up as a second-generation immigrant, struggling under the overwhelming pressure to make others proud, while feeling trapped inside your own body.
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Eleanor Jones is Not a Murderer
Karen McManus and Holly Jackson meets Fleur Ferris in this fast-paced YA murder mystery.
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The Brothers Hawthorne
Return to the world of the international #1 bestselling, TikTok sensation, Inheritance Games series, and the stakes have never been higher . . .
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