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Article  •  24 June 2022


Meet the 6 most important characters from The Summer I Turned Pretty

Meet the characters from The Summer I Turned Pretty books. Learn about the main characters and important family members who play a role in the trilogy.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is having a moment.

With a new Amazon Prime TV show, Jenny Han’s summertime trilogy is back in the spotlight. While the series has always had a loyal following of superfans, the widespread love of the TV series has sparked interest amongst audiences who have never read the books before.

Whether you’re interested in reading the trilogy (which we highly recommend) or simply want to learn more, read on for a brief description of the main characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Who are the characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Main characters

  • Isabel ‘Belly’ Conklin: Isabel – AKA Belly – is the main character in The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy. Belly loves summer, which she spends in the beach town of Cousins Beach each year with her mum, brother, and family friends, the Fishers. She loves swimming, the sun, and the Fisher brothers. Since she was a child, she secretly had a crush on Conrad, but when his brother Jeremiah starts showing interest in Belly, things get complicated.
  • Conrad Fisher: Conrad Fisher is one of two male leads in the series, making up one-third of the love triangle between Belly, himself, and his brother Jeremiah. Conrad has always been the quiet brother out of the two, and despite his talents as a star football player, he’d much rather play his guitar alone. He doesn’t often show outward emotions, but the fact that he’s ‘hard to get’ makes girls like him even more.
  • Jeremiah Fisher: Unlike his older brother Conrad, Jeremiah is the life of the party. He’s outspoken, popular, and outgoing. He loves his family a lot, but can sometimes be hard on them (especially Conrad) if they don’t live up to his expectations. While Jeremiah once saw Belly as a silly little girl, he slowly comes to realise his feelings for her.

The family members

  • Laurel Dunne: Laurel is the mother of Belly and her older brother Steven. She is a loving mum but strong-headed. Sometimes her stubbornness butts up against her kids’ wishes, which can cause plenty of family drama and tension. When she was only nine years old, she met Susannah Fisher, and the rest is history. Truly best friends for life, the duo has since maintained their friendship, spending every summer together at Cousins Beach with their children.
  • Steven Conklin: Steven is the son of Laurel and an older brother to Belly. Like Belly, he has spent many summers at Cousins Beach with the Fisher Family and is quite close with Conrad and Jeremiah. Throughout the trilogy, however, Steven isn’t always present. Being older than Belly, he’s often away at university throughout the series, appearing mostly in Belly’s flashbacks. Steven likes to tease Belly, but he has her best interests at heart and often comes across as being protective of her.
  • Susannah Fisher: Susannah is the mother of Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher. She’s been best friends with Laurel since childhood, and though she’s terminally ill with breast cancer, she wants nothing more than to continue the beautiful tradition of spending the summer at Cousins Beach. She’s incredibly maternal, and someone who is easily loved due to her kindness.

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