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Article  •  8 March 2022


Tribute to Australian cricketer Shane Warne

Shane Warne was an outstanding bowler, sportsman and beloved friend and hero to so many.

Penguin Random House was shocked and saddened by the death of cricketing legend Shane Warne, who passed away on 4 March.

Regarded by many as the greatest spin bowler of all time, revered as a larger-than-life personality who dominated the front and back pages for almost three decades, Shane’s death at the age of 52 – tragically early – is still sinking in.

In 2018, Penguin Random House was thrilled to publish Shane’s memoir, No Spin, co-written by Mark Nicholas.  

‘Our thoughts are with his three children, Brooke, Jackson and Summer at this difficult time. I was fortunate to meet Shane and was struck by his genuine interest in everyone he met.  It’s a huge loss for Australia and the cricketing world.’ said Julie Burland, CEO, Penguin Random House.

Patrick Mangan, the editor of No Spin, said he loved working with Shane.

'And I loved how fully committed he was to the book – admittedly not always to the specific schedule that I set for him! Even when he was competing in a major poker tournament in Las Vegas, though, which was 12 hours a day or more at the tables, he'd still be up for a lengthy conversation over the phone about my latest pedantic editing queries,' he said.

'I remember one day in Melbourne when Shane and I spent seven hours going through the page proofs, one by one, After six hours, I was the first to crack. I asked him, "Maybe we should call it a day and come back tomorrow?" Shane wasn't having it. "No, mate, let's get it done!"

'His enthusiasm was so infectious. Everyone at Penguin Random House who worked with Shane had a similar experience. It was a privilege to work with him.'

No Spin Shane Warne, Mark Nicholas

No Spin is the last word on Shane Warne’s extraordinary cricketing career and his life off the pitch.

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